White Girl Pumpkin Spice Latte E-Juice Deals Hometown Hero 50ml

Hometown Hero

$17.76 $19.99

White Girl is Hometown Hero’s fall seasonal eliquid that perfectly encapsulates the flavor of autumn with a pumpkin spice latte vape. The inhale will give you the richness of coffee with a note of whipped cream, while the exhale will give you the clear taste of pumpkin and spice. After the first puff, this pumpkin spice latte flavor will teleport you to the local coffee shop, wearing UGGs and updating your Pinterest page from your brand-new iPhone X. Whether you’re a white girl looking to vape your favorite fall coffee drink or a 320 pound bearded man with a tramp stamp looking for something out of the ordinary, White Girl from Hometown Hero is the perfect flavor for you.