Vape The Game Every Sunday Night @ 8:30pm EST!

Who Are We?
Vape the Game is POWERED BY:
It is a new way to get the vape gear you want and the premium e-juice you love! 
What Do We Do?
We do social media giveaways differently. Instead of liking, sharing and tagging multiple posts all day on social media, you purchase Vape The Game Chips. You now have a much better and higher chance of winning the newest and hottest gear and e-liquid on the market.
When Do We Do It?
Chips go on sale on FRIDAYS AT 12pm EST
LIVE Shows are SUNDAYS AT 8:30pm EST
Where Do We Do It?
On Our Facebook Page Here You Watch our Live Facebook Show each week and see if you win! We ship out the winnings the next day!
Why Do We Do It?
We were tired of seeing everyone entering all those giveaways and never really knowing if you won or not.
How Do We Do It?
We have partnered with several of the top companies in the industry to try to change the way giveaways work and to make it easier for people to actually win. We have different sponsors each week. Gear & E-Liquid is donated. 
Tired of entering all those social media contests, sharing and tagging, over and over again never really knowing if you won or not?
5 Easy Steps to Get Started 
Step One: LIKE our Facebook Page: FOLLOW US
Step Two: Turn on Notifications in the Group. We go LIVE in there so its easier to play if you know when we go live.
Step Three: Stay up-to-date. Chips go on sale one hour before the start of each show. Limited amount, so get them quick!
Step Four: Share the LIVE Video for a chance to win a 60ml at the end of the show. We will choose one lucky winner to receive a free bottle out of the people that share the feed.
Step Five: TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! The more people that play, the better the game is. If we sell all the chips each game, we know that EVERY prize will be given out. If a limited amount of people are playing, prize odds skyrocket so please, share the group, share this site and share the video!


It's Easy to Play & Fun To WIN! 

Buying chips is how you play. These are the chips you buys to have a chance of winning.



8:30pm EST LIVE Feed Begins

8:35pm EST Show Starts 

Some prizes are valued $80+ and can not be switched out for anything else. Colors can not be changed. 

1. You can buy chips for $5. We will only have a Limited Amount of chips for Purchase Each Game.

2. You can also buy multiples. These come in 5 & 10 counts. With Free Chips.

3. Once we go live for the game, we will have a 5 min countdown until we start the game. We will go over the rules of the game and how to win and what prizes we have for you to win!

4. Once the 5 min are up, we will start the game by reading the name of the first person to purchase chips. We will then see how many you bought and pull those from the box. We will pull your personal chips LIVE on Facebook. Then we will move on to the next person and so on until the ALL the orders have been pulled. 

5. You can order chips while the LIVE video is going on until there are no chips left to buy. Once the last one is sold, the site will stop accepting orders.

6. By playing the game, you agree that you are of legal age to vape and play raffle games in the state you live in. YOU MUST BE 18 Years of Age to Play. VOID where prohibited by law. Players in Hawaii, Montana & Utah are not eligible to win E-Liquid/Vape Juice.


When you buy the chips, each chip is attached to either a prize or a try again. If you purchase 5 chips, we will pull those 5 chips for you LIVE. You see right then and there if you are a winner or not. After that, you are more then welcome to purchase more and try again if there are still some left.

We will have someone writing down your winnings on your order form. We will ship out the next day after the show.