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JustFog MiniFit KIT

U L T R A   S M A L L ,   F I N E   V A P E .

Introducing the most durable and ultra small vaping kit on the market, the MiniFit Kit by JustFog. This thumb-sized device will allow e-cigarette users to carry and vape even easier and stronger, no matter where they are.



  • Pod: 33mm x 17mm x 30mm / 6.3g
  • Battery: 33mm x 22mm x 58mm / 28.0g
  • Material: Polycarbonate

The MiniFit Kit is also has an easy and safe re-filling system. 1.) Move the pod back and forth to release 2.) Re-fill the pod via the liquid inlet. The built-in 370mAh battery is easy to charge anywhere with a Micro 5 pin USB port.


Pure Flavors, Fine Vape - MiniFit battery is ultra small with only a 370mAh capacity, but the most suitable voltage is delivered to the pod, producing much more vapor and the absolute best taste out of your e-liquid.

Remaining Battery Indicator:


  • 3 LED - 100 - 70 % 
  • 2 LED - 70 - 30 %
  • 1 LED - 30-0 %
  • All 3 LEDs blink 4 times in a row when battery is nearly discharged

Constand Voltage Function 3.4V - C601 battery delivers constant voltage that keeps the flavor and vapor production of the device constant, regardless of the residual power.


Kit Includes:


  • 1 x MiniFit Battery
  • 1 x MiniFit Pod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual